The numbers of Stravicenza

It was a great sport festival, the one that took place yesterday in the center of Vicenza.

Bivo made a proud part of it, with its own gazebo where people could taste the product and ask about the world of complete food and how to use it.

The event StraVicenza 2019 saw over 10,000 participants, a record. Beautiful the spectacle of the thousands and thousands of children who filled the pre-spring morning with colors and joy.

The sporting performance was also a record-breaking one, with the athlete Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel from Fiamme Oro who crossed the finish line of 10 km in 29’22 “, a really competitive time (less than 3 minutes for every kilometer traveled!) .

The performance of Isabel Mattuzzi (Quercia Rovereto) was also excellent, able to close in 33’23 ”, in front of the home athlete, the Vicenza-born Rebecca Lonedo (33’48 ”) of the organizing company AV Brazzale.

We thank [AV] Run (Atletica Vicentina Run) for inviting us to participate.

We will definitely see you next year!

Source for the official numbers: