The best trekking routes of Lazio

Are you in abstinence from trekking? Or do you googling in search of some ideas for your next excursion? Well, if you live in Lazio or if you have chosen this region for your holidays this is the article for you. Our column on the Italian regions in an outdoor key is back and this time the protagonist is the Lazio region.

As in the previous episodes, the difficulty of writing these articles lies in selecting only some of the many worthy proposals that the various Regions can offer. We tried again, we hope to satisfy your palate but, if not, we invite you to send us your proposals to the most interesting will be published on the blog and we will send you a free Bivo kit.

The Alban hills

Let’s start with a quiet walk in one of the most touristic areas of the Region: the Alban hills. This route runs entirely along the shore of Lake Albano, a volcanic lake, which, according to some research, was also beaten by Aeneas.

The kilometers to be covered are a dozen, with no gradient, but they will allow you to completely get away from the metropolitan chaos of Rome and, given the distance from the capital, it is not bad.

The mountains of the Duchess

The Montagne della Duchessa nature reserve is a protected area of ​​the Lazio Region that extends in the municipality of Borgorose, in the province of Rieti, on the border with Abruzzo, and which has as its flagship the Lake of the Duchess. We propose an itinerary that will allow you to reach the eastern summit of Il Costone. With the starting point the village of Cartore this long and tiring path will allow you to appreciate the true essence of this area admiring the fascinating surrounding landscapes from the Capo di Teve, from the Malo Pass and finally from the summit of Il Costone at 2271 meters.

The Circeo national park

The Circeo National Park was established to preserve the natural features of the Selva di Terracina, habitat of many species of birds such as mallards, wild goose and even the pink flamingo. Looking at this park from the Circe Peak you can enjoy very variegated colors ranging from the dark green of the forest surrounded by dunes and covered by the low Mediterranean maquis to the blue of the four coastal lakes.

The itinerary we propose is perhaps the simplest in the park but, despite this, it will allow you to feel the heart of the Biosphere Nature Reserve pulsating. It is a path that begins a few hundred meters from the town of Sabaudia, precisely from the Visitor Center of the Park. From here, a low difficulty educational path will allow you to appreciate the incredible environment of the Park up close and to walk on the shores of Lake Sabaudia.

La Tuscia Viterbese

The area of ​​Tuscia includes the territories ranging from the Monti della Tolfa to the province of Viterbo. The Caldara di Manziana and the natural reserves of Monte Rufeno, Lago di Vico and Selva del Lamone belong to this area. The path we are proposing has the latter as its background, one of the largest unspoilt areas in the region. It is an area of ​​about 2000 hectares crossed by numerous paths and without reference points which, for these reasons, is suitable for trekkers with good orienteering skills. In particular we recommend the path to Rosa Crepante. This excursion begins in Roppozzo and will allow you, after entering a dense forest, to reach Rosa Crepante, a vast and incredible amphitheater of huge gray boulders generated by the explosion of incandescent lava in contact with aquitrinio, a show that you won’t see very often.

National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

A part of the Abruzzo National Park is located in the province of Frosinone. The Mainarde mountain chain is part of the Lazio side of the park and can boast some peaks over 2000 meters. In these mountains the paths for outdoor enthusiasts are really many. We choose to tell you about a little-known route that will allow you to appreciate the surrounding peaks and climb a mountain that, as the name implies, really has an unusual shape, the shape of the horse. Moreover, the ascent of this mountain from the north side is fast and fun and will allow those who have never done it to climb up using their hands.

Monte Terminillo

We close with a hike of high difficulty on Mount Terminillo. This path, which was brilliantly documented by our friend Livio Astorino in a recent video, allows us to climb the crest of the “Montagna di Roma” starting from the Sebastiani refuge and reaching the summit at an altitude of 2216 meters from which one can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Reatini mountains. The colors and landscapes that this route offers are truly unique. We leave you to the video of Livio to be able to better appreciate them: