Outdoor in Liguria

Hands up who knows how many are the provinces of Liguria! One … Two … Three … No, the right answer is four: Genoa, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona.

This time on our trek region journey we decided to offer you 4 routes: one for each province.


Let’s start from the regional capital. We propose a recently inaugurated route: the street of the historic aqueduct. It is a so-called urban trek but its dominant theme is water. Genoese water sources have always been subject to severe droughts. For this reason the Genoese since ancient times have been forced to look for water elsewhere. The ancient aqueduct of Genoa, which remained in operation until 1917, has now become a pleasant pedestrian path that allows fans to enjoy some glimpses of Genoa that are far from the routes that are usually beaten. It is a path of about 7km in length and 420 meters of positive gradient, which, due to its characteristics, is really suitable for everyone.

La Spezia

An extraordinary vineyard landscape and three protected areas: the Montemarcello Magra Natural Park, the Cinque Terre Natural Park and the Porto Venere Natural Park. Here is the Alta Via del Golfo dei Poeti that from Porto Venere leads to Bacca di Magra. This fascinating journey begins with the stairway at the entrance of the town of Porto Venere and, going up towards Campiglia, crosses the Park of Porto Venere. This climb allows us to appreciate the crag of Mount Muzzerone, the islands of Palmaria and Tino and the coast of Schiara. From here you reach the village of Biassa and then the Foce pass, from which you can admire La Spezia from the top. Crossing innumerable vineyards cultivated territories, you pass various villages: Carozzo, San Venerio and Pugliola. Subsequently, after having passed Lerici and its imposing tower, an outpost of the city of Pisa in the area, we begin to climb again, entering the park of Montemarcello. On the top of Mount Murlo the reward will be a 360 degree view on the Apennine profiles … This is the right time for a break in the name of naturalness and goodness of Bivo 🙂 Continuing further you will arrive at the village of Montemarcello and, after passing through a forest of holm oaks, at the inhabited center of Bocca di Magra, end of our itinerary.


Walking in the Riviera dei Fiori is certainly an experience that must be tried. There are various paths worth mentioning in the area especially in Cervo, a charming medieval Ligurian village.

Among the various proposals we choose to talk about the stretch of the Liguria path that leads from the castle of Cervo to Andora. It is a 10.4 km long route to cover in about 3 and a half hours of walking through the Ciapà urban park and reaching Colle Castellareto, Colle Cervo and Colle Mea and then the descent that will take us first to a marshland oasis and then to the castle of Andora and finally to the center of the village.


In Savona we propose the ring of the Rocca dei Corvi. It is a ring that starts at Colle del Forne in Cunio, 327 m above sea level. This route will allow you to admire the mountain vegetation of the three twin peaks of the Rocca dei Corvi without ever losing sight of the Ligurian Sea. The duration of the walk is about 3 hours, difficulty E and a drop of about 200 meters.

The battle of the White Fortresses was fought on these mountains, one of the most important episodes of the Partisan Resistance in the area. During this battle the partisans of the Calcagno detachment resisted more than two days to the German advance, allowing the other formations of the area to retreat and finally causing the retreat of the Nazi troops.