Bivo at Ultra Trail Via degli Dei

The Via degli Dei is an ancient road that has become one of the most important trekking routes in Italy today. In ancient times its importance was given by the fact that it connected two of the two most important Italian cities. The route winds for 130 km along the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines from Piazza Maggiore in Bologna to Piazza della Signoria in Florence.
We have already talked about this path, highly recommended for those who love the outdoors, in an old blog article (

Today we want to talk about an Ultra Trail race that takes its name from this same route. We at Bivo are partners of the association (Ultra Trail Via degli Dei asd) which, for several years now, has been organizing this beautiful race (of which you can find all the information on the website The Ultra Trail Via degli Dei is one of the toughest races in Italy with its 125 km length and 5100 meters of positive gradient. The departure is scheduled for 12th April at the Piazza Otto in Bologna, while arrival is scheduled at the Roman Theater of Fiesole on Saturday and Sunday.
Two collateral races are organized by the same association, Ultra Trail Via degli Dei asd, on April 13: the Flaminia Militare Trail (55 km with 2000 meters of positive elevation gain) and the Monte Senario Trail (32 km with 1500 meters of positive gradient) .

The Bivo team will be present for the whole day on Friday 12th at the Expo space. All the curious and those registered for the race will have the chance to taste Bivo. In addition, all members of the various competitions have reserved a discount code entered in the race packages for the first purchase on … Of course, the winners will not need the discount code because Bivo’s envelopes for their upcoming training we give away!

But it does not end here … For the first time ever Bivo will be present as a support food for athletes at every refreshment point. We are particularly proud of this because Ultra-Trail Via degli Dei has a very serious policy with respect to food. The athletes’ nutrition during the race is studied by a team of nutritionists specialized in sports nutrition. The food products present at the refreshment points and the right amount of food to be consumed during the journey are carefully studied so as to provide the right amount of calories needed to finish the race in optimal conditions. For us, therefore, the choice by the organization, endorsed by the team of specialized nutritionists, to offer Bivo as a recovery food during a competition of this complexity and seriousness is certainly a source of pride and satisfaction.

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